The importance of Orientation……

Buying a property is probably one of the most important decisions that we make in life so it’s essential we get it right.
It’s easy to decide how many bedrooms you need, what type of property you want, the location etc. but a big factor, which is sometimes forgotten is the orientation of the property.
A west facing terrace / garden sounds fantastic, and it is in the winter but bear in mind, the sun is very HOT in this part of Spain in August. I speak from experience, my townhouse in Manilva is west facing, absolutely fantastic in the winter months – you can sunbathe in February – and we do not need to put on any heating until later in the evening as the sun streaming through the patio doors warms the room nicely, but in August, you can’t sit outside until 7pm and it hits a minimum of 50ºc !!! We have a canopy (or toldo as they are called here) and a huge parasol but we still fight for the shade!!
Our north facing office is the other extreme, lovely and cool in the summer but very cold in the winter.
Obviously, if you love the sun, then a south or west facing property is great for you, but if you want to be able to use your outside space to its full potential, then maybe you should consider a north or east facing property.
Of course, an ideal property is one with both a north facing terrace and a west facing terrace so you get the best of both worlds….
Check out this fabulous penthouse in Alcaidesa reduced to €160,000. The terrace is huge and you could either enjoy sun or shade all day… best of both worlds!!