Waterboard office Casares

I had to contract the water for an apartment in Casares del Sol that we have recently sold – by the way, we have some amazing bank repossessions on this development at greatly reduced prices –

here’s an example

Apartment for sale on Casares del Sol

and check out the video too…

Anyway, back to the water board. The small sub-office is at the beachside entrance to Marina de Casares and they are open Monday and Wednesday from 9am until 1.30pm. I had all my paperwork and documentation prepared and left the office around 11.15. When I arrived, there was already one person being served and another waiting but as it was either today or next week I had to wait… There was a small wall outside the office where I could perch my bottom, the sun was beating down on me and I could watch the 2 small parrots (yes, really!) flying from one palm tree to another with bits of twig in their beaks….. I can think of worse ways to waste 25 minutes queuing!! Of course, if my boss is reading this…then I was sending emails via my phone whilst waiting!!!