Interest Free credit at Carrefour

You know what it’s like, everything always goes wrong at once and most of us don’t have €400 readily available to buy a new washing machine. Well, at last Spain is catching up with the UK and many of the larger shops are offering finance options. One of the best at the moment is from Carrefour. Any purchase over €90 in total, can be financed interest free over 3 months and any purchases over €200 can be done interest free over 10 months (there is a €10 administration fee on this option).
Initially, you need to provide 3 months payslips, bank details and ID. The catch is that they issue you with a Carrefour credit card on which the finance is charged and then the payments are debited form your bank account each month. But, as long as you don’t use the card to buy other purchases and then not clear the balance, your initial purchase is interest free. It’s a lot easier to find €40 a month rather than €400 in one go.
Once you have the card (Tarjeta Pass), if you want to finance another purchase, it is very quick and easy. All you need for the second or future times, is the card and your ID. I have just split the payment for my daughters school books over 10 months and it was quicker to organise than the time it took me to queue to pay for my groceries!!