Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Don’t ask me what day it is!!! – Morning walks

I’ve given up trying to remember what day it is, or month for that matter! In fact, I have just realised that the lovely photo calendar, the kids made me for Christmas is still showing April!! I turn it over – 7 days late – actually I must know what day it is then! :)) and find a photo of us, my parents and my daughter, at the bottom of Ronda gorge. It was taken the last time my parents came over. It does make me smile and brings back happy memories. Hopefully, we can make more memories soon!

Well, what a gorgeous few days we have had weather wise. It’s hit 34º on our terrace – the cat found it too much and decided he needed to “shade bathe” :))

I’ve been out for my daily walk every morning. Andy is working so I have to walk on my own during the week – it’s not as nice as when it’s the two of us! It’s very strange, pre-lockdown, I was lucky if I went for a walk at the weekend and that was only if weather was permitting – now, I feel that I have to go! We can only go 1km from the house so you are limited to where you can go but I am trying to walk a different route around the village each day. I much prefer the morning “walk slot” – there have been some lovely sunrises this week.

I’ve even discovered a few things in the village that I didn’t know existed! For example, there is a pretty square with a fountain near to the church but I had never noticed the ornately decorated pillars at the entrance to the square. Maybe it takes something like this for us to open our eyes a bit more!

Andy decided that “summer was here” (fatal words – it’s bound to rain now!!) and that we should uncover the barbecue and clean down the terrace. So now, we have a nicely organised terrace ready for the summer…and yes, it’s going to rain again next week!!!

My son has been busy baking again. They have been giving the cakes to the neighbours – I bet he is very popular on their street:))

Project bedroom update – the ceiling is painted and the air con all reconnected – you’d never it had moved back almost a meter. I’m very impressed Andy :)

And lastly, mum has finished yet another jigsaw. This one is called “The old English Sweet Shop”