Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Tuesday-Thursday 28th – 30th April – Time Flies

Sorry for not posting for a few days – I really don’t know where the days are going. I cannot believe we are at the end of April!! – How did that happen?! Honestly, the days seem to be passing be disappearing at the moment – every day passed in Lockdown is a day closer to the day when this is all over!

Talking of things going faster, I am amazed as to how efficient the delivery services are being at the moment – I think I’m getting deliveries faster now than I did pre-Lockdown. One of my cats is on a special diet and I order his cat food online from a company based in Barcelona (I think). They are usually very efficient anyway and I generally receive my orders within 3 – 4 days. We were down to just half a bag of food left so I thought I’d better order another 2 bags (cheaper if you buy pack of 2 :)) in case it took longer to get here during lockdown. I ordered it about 1pm on Monday, received confirmation of dispatch 2 hours later and the package was delivered by 12.00 on Tuesday – now that’s efficient.  Also, I ordered some vitamin supplements from a company in the UK on Sunday evening and  these were delivered Tuesday afternoon! That’s even more efficient – international delivery in 2 working days – and I had only paid 4GBP postage!!

Project bedroom update – Nothing really to show you – although Andy is up there now, filling in the gaps ready to put up skirting boards and coving over the weekend! He has installed a new cord in our shutter on the window as it was fraying badly and likely to snap at any moment and according to Andy (who’s the expert – not me!) it’s easier to change it before it snaps than after!! The cat got fed up with helping me and decided it was time to help dad instead:))

And Mum has finished another jigsaw – don’t ask me what this one is called but it’s very colourful and made me smile

It’s a bank holiday here tomorrow – won’t be different from any other day except the supermarkets will be closed. But, fantastic news, as from Saturday we are allowed to go out to exercise …Horraaaaaay!! Details have yet to be announced but we can go out with the people we live with – so I will be dragging Andy kicking and screaming away from Project Bedroom to come for a walk with me!!