Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Weekend 24-26th April – A weekend of “Firsts”

We have had a weekend of “Firsts” in our house!!

The first “First” was we had our first Lockdown argument!! Andy and I have been married for almost 29 years and have been together for 31 years so we know each pretty well. We’ve had our tiffs over the years (generally about money – I’m a saver (although my family say I’m just tight!!:))) and Andy is a spender!) but, in general, we get on very well. I felt particularly low on Saturday morning – don’t know why – was just having an “off” day. I can’t even remember really what started the argument – I know Andy said something, I snapped at him and he snapped back!! Anyway, we both sulked like a couple of kids for half an hour then apologised to each other and made up. No harm done! It just surprised me how much the lockdown is affecting us in different ways. We need to look after our mental health as well as our physical health.

Project bedroom continues.  Andy has reconnected the air conditioning pipe and reinstalled the air vents and the control switch. The red pipes that were hanging out of the wall have disappeared and there are now plug sockets there so I’m assuming he has connected the sockets – I might be learning something after all:))

And, the next “First” – Andy plastered the part of the ceiling where he had removed the wardrobes, using Spanish plaster. He had plastered many ceilings previously in the UK but had never had to do it here in Spain. He has plastered walls here with “normal” yeso (Plaster) but there is a special type you use for ceilings – apparently!! According to Andy, “English” plaster is totally different to Spanish Yeso. The Spanish Yeso goes off (That’s trade talk for sets hard – see I am learning something after all:))) really quickly so you have to work really fast – which I imagine is not so easy when you’re up a ladder and working “upside down”! Anyway, for a first time I think he did a great job – he said it was OK but he is a bit of a perfectionist – looked fine to me :))

I won’t say the same about the floor – there was plaster everywhere – and plaster all over Andy :)) A broom and a mop and a hot shower sorted that though :))

Our final “First” – I dyed my own hair!!!  I was due to go the hairdressers as we went into Lockdown so it had been almost 12 weeks since I’d had it cut or coloured and the greys were taking over!!  I’ve never been brave enough to colour my own hair – always scared I would end up with green hair!!  My lovely hairdresser, Theresa, told me which product and colour to buy and armed with said product I shut myself in the bathroom. It was actually not that difficult to do although I’m sure Theresa would have had a heart attack at my method!! It certainly wasn’t neat lines down my hair as the instructions showed! Anyway, 30 minutes later, I rinsed it off …and I wasn’t green – Hooray!! It’s not as good as Theresa does it by any means but it looks an awful lot better than before  – and, no, I’m not posting a picture!! Still not brave enough to cut my hair though – I’ll be first in the line once Theresa can re-open her salon!!

I had a very productive Sunday in the kitchen – I made a batch of vegetable soup which I portioned up to go in the (now defrosted) freezer, an apple crumble (Andy’s favourite) and some Butterfly Cakes – I haven’t made them since the kids were small!!