Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Wednesday 1st April – Minnie Mouse in Manilva

It’s the first of April and the weather here is more like 1st December! One of my friends lives up near Malaga and she posted a picture of snow on the mountain this morning!!


It’s been dull and wet almost since lockdown started, apart from one or two days.  I’m trying to look on the positive side and hoping that the sun is saving itself for when we can all come out to play again.

I decided to clean the house first thing- Andy has been making lots of dust lately! I dusted everything and hoovered the whole house – that’s my exercise done for the day!!

After lunch, Andy decided to start work on his next project – building himself a workbench in the garage. It’s something he’s been wanting to do for ages…but never had the time!  I can hear drilling and sawing noises coming from the garage, then he emerges, covered in dust and leaves a large dusty footprint on the rug – Someone please tell me why I bothered to clean the house this morning! More details on “project Garage” to follow.

At 8pm, everyone comes out onto their terraces and balconies to clap for the health service and all the other essential workers who continue to work whilst we all stay at home. One of the neighbours on my community came out dressed as Minnie Mouse – the kids (and the adults :)) loved it.

It’s so nice to see the communities coming together to support each other at this time.

As a Thankyou to us all (especially the children) for staying at home, the emergency services are driving through the towns at just after 8pm every night with all sirens and lights blazing. Here’s a video of Manilva village a few days ago.


Stay safe everyone xxx