Hamilton Homes: Our Story


How it all Started

My wife and I, started our careers in banking. Whilst I loved my role in private banking, I have always had a passion for property.


On purchasing our own home on the Costa del Sol, in 1999, we realised that many agents did not have a financial background and we, ourselves, struggled to get a clear account of costs.  My banking days enabled me to understand more about property financing.


This convinced us that there was a need for a Real Estate Agent with a strong financial background. We had the added advantage of being bilingual and felt that this would really help us to understand the Spanish system and go on to explain the fundamentals, in English, to English speaking clients.


And so Hamilton Homes Spain was born


I am often asked why we chose  Sabinillas as our base and there are a number of reasons for this choice.  Firstly, as a child, my parents had an apartment here and we spent many holidays here.  It is an area that I know well and holds special memories for me. Strategically, it is perfectly positioned, close to international airports in Gibraltar and Malaga.  Finally, the coastline is beautiful with its unspoilt beaches. I also love the countryside. Just a few minutes inland you can enjoy the mountain air and have lunch in a typical Spanish ‘venta’ in a white-washed village. Everything I love about Spain is captured in this area.


Nearly 20 years on, we look back at those early days with great fondness. We have grown into a family of five and our business has grown steadily. We have ridden the storms of recession and come out the other end, stronger than ever.  We love living here.



Why choose Hamilton Homes?


We want clients to be able to see the full picture – from budgeting, to finding a new property and purchasing your dream home.


Our belief system is based around 3 key concepts: Clarity, Honesty and Simplicity. As part of our service we aid clients not only to buy their dream property, but also, to do so, knowing exactly what kind of costs the process will incur, which properties are best value at the given time and to understand the legalities prior to signing on the dotted line.


We have chosen to focus on the area between Alcaidesa and Estepona.  We have seen many of the urbanisations in the area being built and we are able to share our long-standing experiences with our clients. We can also give insight in new developments.




Looking to sell? Come List with Me!


If you are looking to sell a property, we offer a very thorough listing service. We believe that preparation is key. “Fail to prepare  then prepare to fail”. We like to ensure that all the correct paperwork is in place for your property. It can be so frustrating if you find a buyer, and then discover your property is not properly registered. We like to work closely with you and set up a personalised marketing plan.  Each property has something different and special about it and it is important that we capture that essence.



Looking to buy?


I love to meet clients for a coffee where possible. Each person is different. For instance you may be planning a lifestyle change, buying for investment or looking for something that has disabled access. In each case, my recommendation would be different.  Moving to Spain is not just about the right property but about adapting to the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle.


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