The Duquesa Castle & Watchtower


The Duquesa Castle is an 18th century fortress that stands on the stunning coastline in Manilva. The area around it was once a large Roman fishing village and excavations found evidence of the infrastructure and areas of the white mosaic flooring of the old Roman town. Old fish paste tanks, water conduits and salt pans have been excavated from the area too. The castle was built in 1767 by Francisco Paulino from Seville. He built the castle out of his own pocket but was compensated by King Carlos III who granted Paulino command of a company of the royal cavalry. It commands an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea and still stands in amazing condition. This castle is still used today as municipal offices, exhibition locations, a site for weddings and first communions as well as is used as the voting office for the local municipality of Manilva. Is there a cooler place to vote?!



From the castle you are able to walk only a few minutes to the Duquesa Watchtower. This tower was built between 1497 and 1501 by order of the Catholic King when the areas between Casares and Marbella were conquered after the Ronda Conquest. Although the area was inhabited before the building of the watchtower, the coastline around there was not protected from pirate attacks. This is one of the many towers along the coast (including Torre de la Sal and Torre de Chullera) that made up the defensive system at that time. Over time, parts of the tower have been destroyed and rebuilt, the tower nowadays has been restored so that everyone can enjoy visiting it.



From both the castle and tower you can choose to take a lovely stroll along the promenade or beach and enjoy the stunning views over the Mediterranean coastline. Not far from either of these fantastic historical sights you can also find a plethora of places to enjoy, From the wonderful Duquesa Marina to quaint cafes, local restaurants and chiringuitos that provide lovely places for coffee, lunch or just soaking up the rich culture around you.



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