Full Moon Party

I know this was a few weeks ago and I keep meaning to to post the photos but I’ve been busy – honest!!

This actually ended up to be a really fun night. Of course, the published 8.30 start was nearer 10pm but we really didn’t expect anything else!

The town hall had excelled themselves, putting white “beds” on the beach for people to sit on and dotting flame “torches” along the beach.  Most people had gone with the theme and came dressed in white.

The entertainment was fantastic, with the fire eaters (which the kids enjoyed) and the rather muscular acrobats (which the mums enjoyed!)

Later in the evening, lots of  “balloons” were lit and sent of into the night sky (see video below) It was a relly pretty sight watching them fly above Sabinillas. No one seemed concerned about setting the campo on fire though!!!!!

We left about 12.30am as we had an early start the next daybut Sabinillas was still buzzing until about 4am. I think this will end up as successful as San Juan!