Options for Vegetarians in Sabinillas

Spain has always been reknowned for not really understanding vegetarianism.  As the daughter of a vegetarian mum, I have childhood recollections of my mum ordering salad and chips or mushrooms in garlic everywhere we went.  However, things have changed somewhat and there are many more options out there. You may still find however that the concept of vegetarianism in Spain is still regarded as ‘odd’.

Goats cheese Salad
Goats cheese Salad

If vegetarian, please state clearly what you mean.  Sometimes waiters may take it simply to mean no meat, so you may be suprised when your veggie salad arrives with tuna.  Also state clearly whether you do or don’t eat egg.  There are so many hybrids of vegetarianism these days, that you need ot be very specific in ordering. The person taking your order may stare at  you blanky when it comes out that you don’t eat fish or egg etc.  Try to have some options that you can suggest to them – eg, can you do pasta, do you have peppers, do you have potatoes asparagus aubergines etc. – usually when prompted, they can come up with lots of ideas.

Anyway, if you are vegetarian, here are three places you can visit in Sabinillas, on the promenade, and enjoy truely superb vegetarian food:

El Estribo (Argentinian Grill)

I can hear you thinking – Argentinian grill, that spells meat out to me.  Well, you will be suprised at how many delicious veggie dishes they can conjure up, from what is listed on the menu to other secret dishes that you can ask for.  On the menu, you can choose from many starters such as goats cheese salad (which is delicious), deep fried cheese, provolone etc.  For mains, you can mix their side dishes together – eg creamed spinach with baked potato or you can ask them for their special crepes vegetarian crepes.  If you like your food spicy, make sure to ask them to put in ´guindillas’ – the spice makes this dish very exotic and mouth-watering.  They also do a vegetarian pasta – this also beats most pastas in Italian restaurants.  Again asking for the spice just gives it an edge that you will love if you like spicy food.  These last two options are not on the menu so be sure to ask for ‘Diego’ and he will know exactly what you mean when you ask for these dishes.

Contact Details:

Paseo Maritimo, Sabinillas (next to Miel)

952 893 788

Closed Tuesdays. Opened rest of the week for lunch and dinner.


Miel is another good lunchtime option.  There are many choices for vegetarians from simple sandwiches and salads to pasta dishes to a selection of crepes.  You can ask for a savoury crepe with Spinach and cheese and this is delicious.  Also, if you have a sweet tooth, there are fabulous sweet crepes – crepes with fruit and ice cream or just plain with maple syrup.  There is a fabulous selection.  No vegetarian will go hungry here!

Contact details:

Calle Sorolla 4, Local 1, Paseo Maritimo
San Luis de Sabinillas
29692 Malaga

Summer: Open every day from 8.00 am until 11.00 pm. Closed Wednesdays.

Winter: Open every day from 8.00 am until 11.00 pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Winter: Open every day from 8.00 am until 11.00 pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Find out more about Miel here.

Mumbai Palace

This Indian restaurant  located right on the promenade offers great Indian cuisine.  For vegetarians, Asian food is fabulous.  There are so many options available such as chick pea dishes (dhal), pilau rice, naan, vegetable curries, vegetable samosas etc. – the list goes on and on and on.

Contact Details:

Calle Duquesa de Arcos. no 57

(Sabinillas Promenade, near Hotel Agustin)

952893767, 626622036

Open everyday