Hottest month in Manilva – EVER!!!

We all love the summer at Hamilton-homes but this year, we have been very glad of the air conditioning. We expect August to be blisteringly hot and we can cope with that but when you get 3 separate heatwave in July…’a a little but much!!

Spain’s meteorological agency, AEMET, confirmed last week that July 2015 was the hottest on record, with Andalucia being the hottest part of all.


Temperatures have been way above average- in fact on the  22nd 0f July, Manilva recorded the hottest temperature in the whole of Andlaucia, even hotter than Seville and Cordoba, when it reached a staggering 42ºC in the shade.
It’s fantastic if you can dip in and out of the sea or pool, eat ice cream and chill all day but please spare a thought for us poor souls who have to work in it!!