Roman Oven ruins protected by large images of Manilva

About a year ago, when the plaza de la Vendimia in Manilva was being built, they discovered the remains of an ancient Roman pottery oven.  After much discussion with archaeologists  and the builders, it was decided that the oven was an important part of the town’s history and could not be destroyed.

The rest of the square was build around it and it remained covered in a tarpaulin in the corner…… The town hall are waiting on a decision from Malaga’s cultural section as to what to do with the remains. In the meantime, they have now been covered with a pentagon of large prints which demonstrate the different aspects of Manilva. There is a picture of the church, the vineyards and general views of Manilva’s streets.

These large prints will not only protect the ruins but, for the moment provide a welcoming image to the village

roman kiln