Adana’s “Paw lock” fundraising wall

This is a lovely idea and a great way to raise funds. Adana, the local animal rescue charity is setting up its on “love lock wall”. Inspired by the Love Lock Bridge in Paris where couples write love messages on a padlock and place it on the bridge, the Adana wall will be known as the Paw Lock Wall. The wall will be located at the Adana shelter in Estepona.  All animal lovers will be invited to write a special message to or about their pets on a padlock and fix it to the wall.

Padlocks can be purchased for 5€ each from the shelter, the Adana shop in Estepona town centre . Alternatively, if you prefer, you can buy your own padlock and for a 3€ donation it will be added to the wall.

All proceeds will go to Adana for them to continue their wonderful work