Back to School in Manilva

Depending on the schools, the kids of Manilva have been slowly getting back into the school routine of the last week or so. Some private schools went back last Monday, the state primary schools went back yesterday( which explained why every bookshop in Sabinillas was packed yesterday evening!)  and the secondary schools return on Monday.

After 12 weeks off, many parents will be really glad the time has come to get back to normal.

So, we prepare for the usual beginning of term meetings…same every year but you feel compelled to attend!! Make sure they kids go to bed early, eat a good breakfast and do their homework…. as if we need telling!!

After 11 years of the Spanish school system, I’ve got it sussed!! Son made a list of what he needed and off we popped to Carrefour in Estepona to get everything..way in advance of the first day, however, no doubt come Monday the school will say we need another book or some other materials and totally throw me….

As usual everything is last minute ,the class lists have still not been published on the school website and it’s already Thursday. Hopefully all will be revealed before  Monday – although I don hope they confirm what time the kids are expected back…website suggests first day starts at 10am but it’s not 100% clear… oh well… TIS – This is Spain