Spain’s new Traffic Laws

Several new traffic laws came into effect last week (9th May).  Here’s the main ones ..just so we can all be aware.  Ignorance doesn’t cut it any more…you can’t get away with “I didn’t know” or “nobody told me!!”

1. Speeding fines apply for exceeding the limit by just 1kph! Before, although technically illegal, we all knew we could get away with around 10% over the speed limit…not any more!!

2. You do not need to be “Caught in the act” anymore. If the Guardia Civil witness a traffic offence, they can simply note down your registration number and prosecute!

3. The minimum fine for drivers caught driving whilst over double the drink drive limit is now 1,000 Euros. The same applies to driving under the influence of drugs (prescription drugs excluded)

4. The Guardia Civil can seize any vehicle carrying children without legally compliant child seats.

5. Children under 1.35m tall are not allowed travel in the front seats of a car unless all back seat are occupied by smaller children (with correct car seats of course). €200 fine and car can be inpounded.

6. Cyclists under 16 years of age must wear helmets.

7. Drivers should maintain minimum distance of 1.5m when overtaking cyclists to ensure the safety of cyclists of all ages.

8. Speed camera/ radar detectors are prohibited.

9. An EU Directive is to be implemented so that driving offences committed in one EU country are reported to the EU country of registration of the vehicle in question.

10. Much stricter rules are being implemented for the Spanish registration of foreign registered vehicles kept in Spain.