Citizens advice seminar in Duquesa

The Citizens advice Bureau Spain  is a fantastic organisation  offering free advice on a whole range of subjects and issues affecting ex-pats in Spain. . They have an team of experienced bilingual lawyers and experts in a variety of fields.  They have a facebook page where you can post or find answers to lots of questions pertinent to us all

The team from CAB Spain are hosting a free seminar to be held at the Duquesa Golf and Country Club on Friday 21st February  starting at 7.30pm.  There will be various guest speakers attending.

Below is a list of topics to be covered by the speakers.1. Have a property but can you legally sell.
2. Resident status and fiscal status advantages.
3. Retirees how to make saving.
4. Common Law couples. Imperative information to protect you and your family.
5. European driving licence and the legality of.
6. Entitlements to heath cover & the new healthcare law.
7. What to do once you are covered.
8. Learn your rights and use to you advantage in the Spanish NH
9. How o communicate with doctors in an effective way to get what you need.
10. Things that you need to do in order to get the best healthcare possible.
11. Bank products sold illegally and what you can do about it.
12. Clausula suelo Ilegal floor mortgage clause.
13. Bank guarantees and the recovery of
14. Tax the modelo 720 and options.
15. Solutions to mitigate inheritance tax
16. Insurance in Spain.

The laws in Spain are constantly changing and what might be legal or accepted  in one province, may not be in another. We all need as much advice and information as we can get.

Places are limited and must be pre booked. If you would like to attend please book seats through facebbok  call 615815264

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