Plaza de la Vendimia Manilva

It’s only been about 6 weeks since this new square was officially opened and it is proving very popular amongst the local population. Every evening and particularly on Sunday mornings, this square is full of people and a real hive of activity. Children playing on the swings, slides and climbing frames in the fabulous new play area, children playing on bikes and skateboards, accompanying parents sitting on the many benches, chatting and enjoying the weather and other just generally out for a stroll.20131121_095416 20131121_095449

I have to say that Manilva council have excelled themselves with this “plaza”. The mosaic print, the fountain and the permanent grape press, make it not only a nice place to be but an important part of Manilva’s history and  culture, as well as a main focal point for the annual Vendimia celebrations.

The square is built next to the wine museum and music school and opposite urbanisation Nueva Manilva on an area that was just wasteland and frankly, an eyesore! Now,as you enter Manilva village, the view is 1,000 times better.

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