Inaugaration of new Plaza de la Vendimia in Manilva

Tomorrow, Saturday 12th October, representatives from Manilva town hall will perform the inauguration and official opening of two important buildings in the village.:- The Centro de Interpretación Las Viñas (this has been operational for over a  year but hey…)  and the new  Plaza de la Vendimia in Manilva village.

The Centro de Interpretación Las Viñas is situated above the wine musuem and has been and will be used for many local, cutural and tourism related events.

las vinas centre

The Plaza de la Vendimia has been designed as an bright and open space, with a large ornamental fountain,  a specifically built  “grape vat”  that will be used every year for the treading of the grapes at the annual Vendimia celebrations and a beautiful mosaic mural depicting the work of the local grape farmers. In addition, on one side of the square is a fantastic new play area for the local youngsters

plaza de la vendimia

The official opening is scheduled to start at 17.00pm and will be followed by a tour of both the interpretation centre and the square.  Manilva’s municipal band will be on hand to provide musical accompaniment to the proceedings.
Following this, at 18.00pm, there will be a children’s party  with refreshments offered which, in turn, will be followed by dance performances by the three local dance schools.

From 20.00h, tradional songs will be sung by local artists while locals and visitors alike can enjoy the local Manilva wine and beer.