Columbus Day in Spain

Tomorrow, October 12th is a national holiday in Spain. It commemorates when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492 and is also known as Spain’s national day.

As well as the above, Since 2000, October 12th has also been Spain’s Day of the Armed Forces, celebrated each year with a military parade in Madrid.

military parade

The king of Spain will raise the Spanish national flag in the center of Madrid. He and the prime minister then lead a military parade  through the centre of Madrid. The parade includes representatives from most of Spain’s military units and various military vehicles as well as aerodynamic displays from Spain’s air force.


Locally, here in Manilva, not a lot happens to be honest except many small shops and businesses close for the day. In Spain, Saturday is classed as a working day so if you normally don’t work on a Saturday, then you loose the holiday…my son is particularly peeved that he is not getting a day off school!!

As it’s a Saturday, many of the larger stores and supermarkets are opening as normal but do bear in mind that the local Mercadona is only open until 2pm tomorrow so don’t leave it too late if you need to shop!!!