children’s weekend camp in Los Pedralgales Estepona

The youth and sports departments in Estepona are offering the local youngsters the chance to experience an open air adventure without going to far from home.

They have organised a “magic camp”  – a residential camp for children between 9 and 12 years of age in Pedragales park in Estepona. The camp is aimed at the younger children and will include various games and activities as well as themed evenings. It is also a great opportunity for the children to get to know the amazing flora and fauna of the area which is prolific in this national park.  The children will stay in the log cabins situated inside the park.

11.Cabaña Parque Municipal de Los Pedregales
There are 2 different dates available, the first is the weekend of 18th – 20th October and the second is the 25th – 27th of October. There are 40 places available on each camp.


The price of the camp is €45 per child which includes all food and drink and insurance.  As well as various activities, the children can also participate in creative nature related, workshops, a guided visit to the interpretation centre in the park and a visit to Adana, the local animal rescue centre,

For more information, contact the sports or youth departments on 952 80 24 44