Mr Wok Restaurant – Estepona

It was by daughter’s birthday last week and this was her restaurant of choice for her “birthday dinner”. I had never been to this particular “Wok” ( great one in Campamento that we have been to several times) but several friends had said it was very good.


The idea is an “all you can eat buffet” for a set price. They do respectfully ask, though, that you only take what you can eat which is only fair.

The restaurant is located in Estepona, on Avenida Litoral, literally next door to Mcdonalds.  It is bright and airy with different coloured tables and seating booths. The restaurant wasn’t packed but was busy. We were seated quickly…well, allowed to choose where we wanted to sit, and drinks were served. You are then left to basically get on with it..


There was a huge range of starters to choose from, both oriental such as spring rolls, satay chicken and duck pancakes and more Mediterranean like ensalda rusa and prawn salad. We couldn’t decide what option to go for so ended up have to lots of starters each..


The was again, a huge choice for the main course. A whole section of prepared curries, chow miens and various other Chinese dishes plus noodles and rice or, you choose you raw meat or fish and vegetables, select a sauce and have the chef cook it in front of you. You don’t even have to go oriental – there was a large selection of fish, chicken and steak that the chef will cook on the grill for you. Although my son loves Chinese food, he opted for steak and chips (its obviously not the best quality steak but he was happy!)


The kids reckoned that the desserts were the best bit. Everything from, fresh fruit, to ice cream (at least 6 different flavours with different sauce toppings), to a range of cakes and gateaux to yoghurts and best of all….. sweets!!


I’d certainly recommend this restaurant if you have fussy kids or if any member of your party doesn’t like chinese food as there really is something for everyone.

The prices are :- €9.95 for lunch and €12.95 for dinner for adults. Prices for children are:-  from 3-8 €6.95 and under 3, €3. On weekends and holidays the adult price  €13.95.

Take note, though, that these prices do NOT include IVA.  A further 10% will be added to your bill. This caught me out. I thought we had been overcharged until I saw the IVA separately and then notice that it does say this on the sign outside, but in VERY small print!!! I was a bit miffed at the time to be honest but overall, it was a good meal and still very good value for 5 adults (kids are older!!) at €97 in total.

Mr Wok is open every day from 1pm  – 3pm for luch and 7.30pm until midnight for dinner. You shouldn’t need to book but just in case, their number is 34 952 796 899.