karting in mijas

The new karting  in mijas is very big and exciting. Everyone always has a lovely time there racing against friends and family.

The race track is long, there are a lot of curves and because everything is all organised there, all that’s left is competition.

This place is really good because most of the race tracks around that area are only for adults but this one is for kids and adults. The fastest the junior karts can go is 120km but the adults can go up to 270km.

Next to the track there is a little coffee shop just encase people need a little drink after racing or a snack.

Your allowed to go up to 10 minutes racing and the prices are for the junior ones 17 euros and for the adults a little bit more.

I know that lots of people look for places that are fun for the day to hang out with our friends, so please recommend this place to many people!!!