Trip to Fuengirola zoo

Another fab trip organised by the Manilva Foreign Residents department, this time to the wonderful zoo in Fuengirola. Fuengirola zoo is one of the best “days out” on the coast. Yes, the animals are enclosed but the zoo has done its best to make the enclosures as close as possible to the animals natural habitat. I must admit, I haven’t been for a few years but when we did go, it was a great day. The kids (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed themselves wandering around the zoo.


You can arrange for a guided tour if you prefer or just wander around at your leisure. In the summertime, the zoo is open until midnight, allowing you to visit in the cooler hours and to see many of the nocturnal animals that you may not get a chance to see during the day.

Anyway, back to the trip. It will take place on Saturday 1st June. The coach will leave Manilva at 9am. The zoo opens at 10am so you should arrive just as it opens. The return journey will be around 5pm which allows for some free time in Fuengirola in the afternoon. There’s plenty to do in Fuengirola. The beaches are lovely and it has a very pleasant where there are generally lots of activities for the children. Alternatively. you can also do some shopping.


The price of the trip including entrance to the zoo and transport is €15 per person and €5 for children under 2.

To reserve a place, call  the Foreign Residents´Department  on 952 89 35 48.


Para reservar el viaje pueden llamar al 952893548.