Paying your IBI in Manilva, Duquesa or Sabinillas

tax Owning a property in Manilva, Duquesa or  Sabinillas will require you to pay the  annual rates bill. This is known in Spanish  as the IBI. What does I.B.I. stand for:    Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles.   The IBI  is payable on ALL property, a store room, a  garage, an apartment, townhouse or villa.

ibi-tax The IBI is calculated using the rateable  value ” Valor Catastral ” of  the property.

It is your obligation to get hold of your IBI  bill and to pay it!  It is  no excuse to plead  ignorance and say that you didn’t receive  the  bill.  The Manilva IBI office, officially  called the ” Oficina de la  recaudacion de  Manilva ” is located in the Calle Dr. Alvarez  Leiva  no 7.  It is only open in the morning  from 09:30 – 13:30 from  Monday – Friday.

There are two very helpful ladies,  Josefina or Ana Isabel – they do speak some English.

Alternatively you can apply by email to the Malaga central office:  [email protected] or phone the central telf. no +34 902152000

NB please be warned that Spanish 902 numbers are very expensive when phoned from a mobile phone.


Please click here to see an example of an IBI bill from Manilva.

This IBI bill is for a 2 bedroom apartment in the Duquesa Village urbanization in Duquesa Golf.

Two of the most important numbers that you will find on the Manilva IBI bill are the Matricula and the identificativo. These are unique numbers  which identify your property.  You will need either of these numbers when visiting or phoning the Catastro office.

The dates on the IBI bill show ( Fecha emisión = issue date ) and ( Fecha fin voluntaria = final payment date ).  Please note that you will need to ask for a new IBI bill  “carta de pago”   if the fecha fin voluntaria has past.   Each year the Manilva IBI’s bills and all Malaga IBI bills are issued on 17th June and the final payment date is 2nd September.  Although the IBI bill is issued during this time, the bill actually covers the calendar year , ie from 1st January to 31st December of the current year.


If you fail to pay your Manilva IBI bill during this period 17th June – 2nd September, known as the periodo voluntario, you may still pay your bill but it will start to accrue debit interest and late payment charges.  These charges accrue on a daily basis, so it’s best not to leave it to long.


Your IBI bill will also show your Valor Catastral, This is the rateable value of your property.  The valor Catastral is calculated by adding up two separate values ” Valor Catastral Suelo ”  (value of the land ) and ” Valor Catastral Construccion ”  ( value of the construction ” . The Catastral value is not only important to calculate the  yearly IBI tax but it is also allows you to calculate the Fiscal value ” Valor Fiscal ” of your apartment. We will discuss this in another Hamilton Homes blog.


When buying a property in Manilva, Duquesa, Sabinillas or Casares or indeed anywhere in Spain, it is essential to check that the property is up to date with all IBI payments. Failure to do so may mean that the debt is embargoed on the property. If there is an amount outstanding, the Manilva Patronato office will issue a carta de pago / a bill payment. Please click here to see a carta de pago for a property that we recently sold on Mirador del Golf in La Duquesa . As you wil see, we checked that the IBI bill for 2011 and 2012 had been paid, and it had been, but we found that there was a debt for the previous years 2007 – 2010. The corresponding payment penalty ” Apremio ” and the debit interest ” Int demora” and extras costs ” costas ” had been levied to the tune of 615.76 €.


Apart from the fact that failure to pay your IBI bill will result in less revenues for the efficient running of the Municipality of Manilva.  The arm of the Catastro office is long.  If you have a Spanish bank account – be ware.  Approximately,  8 months after the voluntary period ends, the Catastro office will send an embargo to your account and freeze the equivalent amount of the debt outstanding.


Due to the credit crunch and high unemployment, you can setup an easy payment plan with the Manilva Patronato office . You need to register before 31st December to qualify for the following year. You can register to pay over 3 different periods, in 2013, the payments were as follows:

In 2 payments:  one in April and one in October

In 3 payments: in April, July and October

In 11 payments: from January to November

All payment plans  are interest free.

Please click here to register online with the Malaga Patronato office.