Funny Beach

One place you should go to in Marbella is funny beach.  Its like a fun park full of atractions and the great thing is that its only 40 minutes away from Manilva.

There are lots of restaurants there were people can go and eat afrer having a brillant time there.

When you arrive to funny beach you will find a big parking  where you can park. Then you can feel free to go and see what there is. There is go karting. You can find the adult karts that are twenty euros for eight minutes from the age 16 or from the age of 12 with a fathers help,  the kids karts that are from the age of six and they cost 8 euros per person for 5 minutes, there are other ones that are for little kids with adults and there are lots more other types.

there are trampoline and an attraction called the super jump which is like another trampoline but you go even higher.

There are aswell activities in the water like: clases to learn how to fly board, jet skiis and a cool ride called banana thats 20 euros for 15 minutes and it is very fun because you and your friends sit on the banana while it takes you for fast rides in the sea.

So this park is so fun for both adults and kids so come with your family to spend a day out!!