Easter Processions in Sabinillas & Manilva 2013

Following my recent blog about the Easter processions in Spain, here’s the timetable for the  processions for this year’s celebrations in Manilva and Sabinillas. Locally, Semana Santa week is probably one of the most important weeks in the year with all the attention turning to the four brotherhoods.. Nuestra Señora de los Dolores and  Nuestro Padre Jesús de Nazareno in Manilva and  El Cristo del Amor and Nuestra Señora de los Dolores in  Sabinillas

Unfortunately, the beautiful church in Manilva is currently undergoing, much needed,  restoration work  so the  services will be held, and the processions will leave from the sports centre.  I’m not sure it will be the same but this is possibly the only other building in Manilva that will hold the amount of people who are likely to attend..

Holy Thursday – 28th March


8.00 pm Mass in  the church.

11.00 pm Procession of Jesus of Nazareth through the streets.


6.00 pm. Mass at the church, Sabinillas

10.00 pm. Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) procession

Good Friday –  29th March


5.00 pm Adoration of the Cross in the sports pavillion.

6.30 pm Procession of “Santo Entierro” and Ntra Sra de los Dolores”.

12 midnight Procession “De la Soledad” in strict silence.


4.00 pm. Adoration of the Cross in the church, Sabinillas

9.30 pm. Procession of “Cristo del Amor” and “Ntra Sra del los Dolores”


Holy Saturday – 30th March


11.00 pm Blessing of the Flame in the sports  pavillion followed by the solomn Easter vigel


9.00 pm. Easter vigil in the church, Sabinillas

Easter Sunday –31st  March


12 noon Holy mass in the sports pavillion

1 pm Procession of the “Santisimo Cristo Resucitado” and the “Santisima Virgen del Rosario A.M.D.G.” (Jesus & Mary)


11.00 am.Easter Mass at the church