“Earthquake practice” in Sabinillas

Don’t panic…….we haven’t had an earthquake – well not severe – for many years.

This is a chance to see the Canine Rescue team in action. On Monday 18th March at 12.00, there will be a simulated rescue mission. This will take place on the site of the old “teacher’s houses” which have been recently demolished in preperation for a new stretch of paseo.  For anyone who doesn’t know, it the piece of land next to Burger king, up to La Colonia.


Members of the public are invited to watch the dogs and rescue teams in action, uncovering “buried”victims. It should last about an hour. The specialist rescue dog team is run by Javier Luque, an Estepona fireman. The civil protection unit and the emergency services of Manilva will also be taking part in the display.


I bet this would be really intertesting…I’d love to go…shame I have to work!!!  Might just have to pop along, by way of research!!