Huge new “Chinese” shop now open in Sabinillas

As many of you will have noticed, what used to be the large estate agents on the main road, opposite Lidl, and for those of us who have been here a few years, the old site of the “Gran Bar”  was being transformed into a huge bazaar type shop selling all sorts of bits and pieces. Well, it’s now open!! There are several of these types of shops in Southern Spain, generally all run by Chinese families so they have come to be known as “Chinese Shops” . Say to anyone, “meet me by the Chinese Shop” and they will know exactly where you mean!!

The new shop is probably more of less the same size as the “Chinese” shop near to Mercadonna but the distinct advantage to the new one is that it is much easier to park. There is a larger parking area to the rear of the shop and a rear entrance as well.  I had a wander round the other day and they seem to sell everything. OK we know the quality is not going to be great and they definitely follow the “stack it high, sell it cheap” theory bit for basic homeware, stationary etc its pretty good.

Why not pop in and have a browse yourself….