What is Padel Tennis

Look at the descriptions of most of the developments and urbanisations in Spain and you will see the words ” There is a padel Tennis Court”. But, what is Padel Tennis??

Padel Tennis (sometimes just called Padel) is generally described as a mixture of Tennis and Squash. It is played extensively in Spain and Latin America and is extremely popular here on the Costa del Sol. The fact that many British residents and holiday-makers have played it here is seen as one of the reasons why it is beginning to take off in the UK…

The court is around half the size of a normal tennis and is enclosed, similar to a Squash court, except is outside!  The rackets are very different to a normal tennis racket, like a giant table tennis tennis bat with holes going through the middle.  The ball is similar to a normal tennis ball, just slightly lighter.


The scoring is similar to tennis with a game being the best of three sets. Padel Tennis is normally played in doubles although it can just as easily be played as singles. The only serve allowed is underhand, which is much easier to master than a normal Tennis serve….


Padel Tennis is a perfect sport for both young and old. It is very easy to learn –  apparently most players get the grasp of the game within the first 20 minutes of playing.

So, if there is  a padel tennis court on your urbanisation … go play.. it’s fun!