Making Manilva Beautiful…..

The mayoress of Manilva and the councillor for parks and gardens have announced several plans to improve the image of Manilva.

One of the plans is to decorate all the roundabouts in the area, and maintain the roundabouts that have already been decorated.  Anyone who has visited or lives here will know that many of the roundabouts are already very pretty with plants and flowers as well as statues and fountains.

Two roundabouts about to be decorated are the one to the north of Manilva village on the approach to the toll road. This will be adorned with a wrought iron model of a cask of wine and a bunch of grapes , celebrating Manilva’s link to the production of wine over the years.


Another, is the roundabout at the entrance to Las Viñas secondary school. This will be decorated with iron doves with the word “peace” written in  several different languages.

Another area recently improved is the area between the building which is to be the Sabinillas sports centre and the main Road. Here they have built a slope and decorated it with artificial turf, plants and an intricate design in white pebbles.


A good image will help to improve tourism as well as being more pleasant to the resident… both good things in the long run..