Cinema Gibraltar

My daughter is a huge twilight fan (and me too if I’m honest) and has been eagerly awaiting the final film in the series. It was finally released last weekend so we took a trip into Gibraltar to see it in English. She can, and often does watch a film in Spanish but as this was a favourite, she has particularly requested to see it in English. I knew that it would be very busy (and it was) and that the tickets would sell out very quickly so I asked my friend who lives in Gibraltar to get me the tickets. You cannot book tickets online for the cinema in Gibraltar which is a bit of a pain,however, you can buy the in advance from the box office. The box office is open from 17-15 – 18.45, then again from 19-45 – 21.15 every day.

Tickets are much cheaper than the UK cinemas – adults (over 12) are £5.00 each and £3.00 for kids. No trip to the cinema is complete without popcorn and the do several deals that work out a lot cheaper. For example, 2 large cokes and 2 large popcorn was £7.00.

Gibraltar cinema is located in the Kings Bastion leisure centre. For more information call (00350) 200 72272. Check out the website for what’s on and coming soon..