Manilva’s population forecast to grow even more

Population growth figures released this week by the National Institute of Statistics show that if current trends continue, the population of Spain should decrease  in the coming decades.

It is forecast that by 2022, Spain’s population will be  45 million,  2.5% less than in 2012. And by 2052, the population of Spain would amount to 41.5 million, which is 10% less than today.

However, the province of Málaga is set to buck the national trend  with a population increase over the next 10 years. It is forecast that Malaga’s population will increase by 4.5% by  2022. The  National Statistics Institute (INE), say that the reason for this increase is the increase of immigration  and the decline in emigration.

The population of Manilva  has already seen a notable increase in the past ten years, doubling between 2002 and 2012, with foreign nationals, representing 45% of the total population. Within this “Foreign ” population are people from over 75 different countries…Within the municipality of Manilva,  Sabinillas has the most  registered inhabitants with 8276 people. Manilva village is second  with 2634 inhabitants followed by Castillo with 838. The remaining population is divided into areas such  as Chullera, Alcorrín and  small plots in the campo.

So, further proof that Manilva is a fantastic place to live…….