Estepona’s Musuems

Even though we live here, I don’t think we really appreciate the history of the area and the fact that we have four museums in Estepona, devoted to the history of the area, right on our doorstep.

All for museums are located in the bullring near to Estepona port. They have recently extended their opening hours and are now open 7 days a week from 9am – 3 pm then 4 – 6.30pm  and entrance is free.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to find in each museum:-

Bullfighting museum

The Bullfighting tradition has played a large part in the growth and history of the area and this museum has a fascinating display  of exhibits associated with bullfighting, including a complete collection of posters and, several bullfighting suits and costumes which have been donated by some of Spain’s top bullfighters.


Ethnological Museum

This museum has many names, including the Tool Museum (Museo de Aperos) , local Museum and Museum to the Sea and the Countryside. Exhibits here include a large range of old farming and fishing tools and implements that would have been used in times gone by.


Palaeontology (Fossil) Museum
Located at the back of the bullring this museum has a large collection of fossils and is in fact, one of the largest local fossil museums in Europe.  The exhibition contains over 2000 fossils from 600 different species . This museum holds a collection of the fossils from the Plioceno period, about four million years ago, which were  found in the Estepona area.


Archaeological Museum

This museum houses many archaeological remains from various periods, most of which were discovered quite by chance or during archaeological digs in the local area. Some of the remains date from the Palaeolithic era , some 100.000 years ago. Some of the museums prize exhibits are remains from the ‘El Torreon” site where Phoenicians settled 2.600 year ago