Duquesa still busy in October….

Kids went out on Saturday evening with their friend so hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to Fish and chip takeaway from Tims in Duquesa.  Hubby suggested we get it delivered but I said “no, we’ll drive down, it’ll be fine to park, it won’t be busy, it’s October” So, at around 8.30 (timed so we could drop the kids off in Sabinillas at the same time – they’re not daft!) we jumped in the car and drove down to Duquesa port.  Well, I was wrong…we drove round 3 times before we finally found a space and that was round the back of Marina Real . It was almost as if it was an evening in August!!

As we walked to Tims, you could see that there were customers in most of the restaurants and bars.. Ok, they weren’t packed but they were all more or less half full. Tim said as well that he had been very busy..

It was certainly nice to see that even in this time if “crisis” people are still coming out…

Anyway, gorgeous fish & chips, glass of wine, bar of chocolate and X factor … perfect Saturday night in!!