Manilva’s Twin town in Romania….

Apparently, Manilva has – or did have a Twin town in Romania. An agreement was reached in 2002  with the Romanian city of Piatra Neamt to twin it with Manilva.  The Manilva council for Tourism has now expressed an interest in resuming agreements and re-establishing the Twin Towns.

The mayor of Piatra Neamt, Gheorghe Stefan, contacted the Manilva Town Hall several weeks ago to request a flag which he wanted to put on the outside of the newly constructed Town hall.  Of course, Manilva council were only too happy to oblige and Manilva ‘s flag now sits proudly on the front of the new Town Hall of Piatra Neamt, together with the flags of all the other cities twinned with this Romanian town


Piatra Neamt is the capital of the Neamt district in Romania and  is also considered one of the most picturesque cities in Romania. It is hoped that more negotiations will take place over the coming months to ensure that Manilva has a twin town again…..