First rains of the autumn……..

What a difference a day makes….yesterday it was 28º, with beautiful clear blue skies and very pleasantly warm…today its dropped to 22º is very cloudy and it keeps raining!!!

We know it was coming as it has been forecast since the weekend but its still horrible when the first rains come after the long hot summer…. Even though it was forecast, there was still the frantic search this morning for long forgotten waterproof jackets, umbrellas and boots which haven’t seen the light of day since May..

We did however, make preparations on the terrace and covered up the BBQ and garden furniture…lets hope that the fine weather comes back again and we can uncover it all!!!


It was not at all nice squeezing my feet back into socks and boots this morning after having lived in sandals and flip flops for the past 5 months… It’s still not really cold so you don’t need coats but if its raining cats and dogs – and believe me it was this morning, then you cant come out in flip flops and T-shirt!!


I know we desperately need the rain after 2 very dry winters but I still hate it when the first rains appear – it always means that autumn is on its way and I’m definitely a summer girl!!!