Great “things to do” website

I was chatting to a friend last night and she told me about a new website she had discovered. Its called “”. I had a look and its fantastic. It’s covers the whole world, you select the country you want, then a region. I put in Spain, then Marbella. You can then select the distance from this region, I left this as within a 25km radias from Marbella. Lo and behold, over 20 pages of different activities came up, the majority of which I did not even know where available in Spain, let alone so close to home. Activities ranged from the very tranquil such as wine tasting and cookery courses to those more suited to the thrill seekers amongst us; White water rafting and quad biking to name just two…

So, if you’re coming out on holiday and want an alternative to the beach or live in Spain and fancy doing something different why not check this site out. This is the link to the Marbella selection but, as I said, you can put in any region you want.

Have Fun!!!