Papeleria Jeni Sabinillas

You will find at least one Papeleria in almost all Spanish towns and villages.  Basically it is a bookshop / stationary shop.  They mainly cater for the needs of the school children supplying all the necessary materials and books for school.

I know I’ve written about Papeleria Jeni before but I have to do so again. Jeni is one of the most helpful bookshop owners I have ever met – and believe me, having had 2 kids in school for the past 9 years, I’ve been to a few!!!


Nothing is too much trouble for Jeni. She will go out of her way to get what you require, often travelling to Malaga to pick up a particular book for a client. If she doesn’t have what you need, she can normally get it for you in a couple of days. But, the thing I like the best, and is probably why so many people go there, is that she does not try to rip you off.  Everything  is reasonably priced and she will often offer you a cheaper alternative for what you are buying. My daughter gets through a new pen about every 2 weeks (she’s doing baccalaureate so writes a lot!!) so when I went in to get yet another pen, Jeni told me that she now had refills in stock for these pens which were 70cents cheaper than a new pen – not a huge amount but every cents counts nowadays.. It’s these little touches that make a client return. I, for one, wont use any other Papeleria.

Paperleria Jeni is located in Plaza Vicente Espinel, local 9 – Basically in the square behind the taxi rank. She is open Monday to Friday 9.30 – 13.30 and 17.00 – 20.00 and from 10.30 – 13.30 on  Saturdays.

Tel 952 89 1746

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