Clinica del Rio, Estepona

It was an eventful day for me yesterday.  I collected my daughter from school and arrived home after a very busy and tough morning.  Exhausted, I made myself a cosy cuppa and sat on the sofa and sipped my tea while feeding my little one a yoghurt.  To my suprise my husand popped in to grab a quick bite (lunch at 4;30pm – umm, better late than never!)  and then went back off to the office.  As he was leaving however, our daughter decided to say goodbye and quicky started to go up our two marble steps in our living room.  Our daughter had special needs and has just learnt to walk and manage up a couple of stairs.  However, as she was so enthusiastic, she literally lunged forward to grab the step.  As she did so, her hands missed and she hit her forehead and knocked her chin.

My husband scooped her up and within minutes we realised that her chin was sliced open.  We called the GP at Clinica del Rio who suggested I come over immediately.  From this point onwards I felt safe.  Now, as I have achild with a rare illness and learning disabilities Ihave spent a lot of time in doctors and hospitals.  I have been to top hospitals and tehy include Gret Ormond Street, Materna Infantil, San Juan de Dios, Cleveland Clinic etc.  Despite all that I feel that the personal service and help offered at Clinica del Rio has made a real difference to my life.

We had four people helping us and having to go through the episode of my other daughter fainting, I have to say that the clinic were fabulous and just reached out to us and made us secure.   The thing that struck me most was their humanity – sometimes medical situations can be very clinical – here the doctors explained everything to us and that put our minds at ease.

So take a look at the link here. I really recommend that if you have health insurance, you use this clinic.  There phone number is 952 805329.