Estepona ..Pizza, Pasta ….and police Station

Last week, we decided to try the Italian restaurant Venizia in Estepona.  Although empty when we arrived (it was 1.20pm so early for Spanish lunch) it soon got busier. The service was very efficient and the food great. Three  lasagnes and a (rather large) four seasons pizza later, we all came away feeling very full and in need of a siesta (no such luck though!) This restaurant has some excellent reviews on trip advisor :

and here’s the menu..

Tel 952790778

Venezia, Estepona

Located just across the road from the restaurant is Estepona national police station. This is were you go to get your NIE (numero de indentidad extranjero). They will only see a certain number of people per day (varies between 25 – 50 – have yet to work out the logic as to how many get seen on any particular day – just the luck of the draw maybe!) The police station opens at 9am but if you arrive then, you have no chance of being seen. People generally start queueing from 7.30am onwards! I’d advise that you get there no later than 8am ( best to go in pairs, than one of you can get the coffees in whilst the other keeps the place in the queue!) Once the doors open at 9am, numbers are issued. Depending on your number, you can either wait or come back a bit later but make sure you don’t miss your slot! Make sure you go to the “extranjeros” section. You will be issued with a form to complete – or you can be really efficient and download and complete it beforehand – remember to take the original plus a copy. You will also need to take your passport.

The next step is to go down the road to the bank and deposit €16 (you will be given the account details by the lady in the police station). The bank will stamp the form to confirm payment. You then take the stamped form back to the police station and get your NIE……… no, too simple, you have to go back the next day and collect it (Don’t worry, you don’t have to queue from 8am again). Fortunately, an NIE certificate never expires so you only have to do this the once.


Make sure you fill in the section on the form that asks the reason why you need an NIE (normally to purchase a house or car) as, if this is not completed, they will not issue the NIE.