A morning stroll along Sabinillas Paseo…….

I am “carless” today so I bagged a lift down from Manilva with my friend. It had to be early as she had to get into Gibraltar, so she picked me up at 9am. Having been to the bank (no queue for a change), I still had 45 minutes to spare so decided to walk to the office via the Paseo. There were a few other people doing the same thing and enjoying the morning sunshine. It was just warm enough to take the morning chill from the air, the sea was like a millpond and the it was really quite peaceful. Beats the morning commute by train and tube into London anyday!!! It makes you realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world…..


The beach was being cleaned ready for the weekend, (yes, it is still warm enough to go the beach, although it’d probably only be tourists venturing into the sea!!) and the restaurants and bars were opening up ready for another day, although I did notice one of two have already closed for the winter..


The stall holders for the Friday market had just set up, so I wandered along the market, browsing amongst the stalls. I did pick up an early Christmas present for my new niece, (I know, blame my mum, affectionately known as Mrs Christmas, she starts thinking about Christmas in August!!). From the market, straight through the gardens and into the office. A really pleasant start to a Friday morning…