Chirringuito – El Garito de Juan – Duquesa

Yet another Friday and yet another Chirringuito lunch. As much as I love fish and Chirringuitos, I’m actually quite looking forward to our “winter” lunches and our “tour of the ventas”
Last Friday, it was the turn of El Garito de Juan which can be found on the beach adjacent to the Don Juan aparthotel
We arrived quite late – after 3- and it was very quiet, not always a good sign. Still, initial impressions were good, great view, a volleyball net should you feel energetic and a large BBQ in a boat for the sardines.

We sat down and the waiter asked us what we would like to drink so, of course, we ordered our usual, agua con gas con lima, but… they didn’t have any agua con gas!! I have never, in 8 years in Spain, been in a bar / restaurant that hasn’t had fizzy water!!
OK, we ordered alternatives, then looked at the menu and were shocked to see that Gambas pil pil wasn’t on it!! This is on almost every chirringuito menu!! The boss was particularly disappointed as this is his favourite dish! We even double checked with the waiter, but, no, definitely not on the menu.

We order grilled prawns instead, calamares, cod, salad and chips which was perfectly acceptable but did not “hit the spot” when we really wanted pil pil!!