Oh no -Castañas – First sign of Autumn

I’m definately a summer person and am holding on to the warm weather as much as possible. Winter does tend to arrive overnight here, one day you’re in shorts and the next in boots….and then there’s no going back!!

Whilst out in Sabinillas with the kids the other evening (getting school books, but that’s another story), we saw the first castañero of the year.  This is a person who sells roasted chestnuts (Castaños). You will generally see at least one Castañero in each village throughout the autumn and winter and to be honest, it is normally the aroma the catches your attention before you see them. This one was in the small square, a few minutes from Sabina Playa.  Prices vary but on average its about €1 for 6-8 castañas. They are served piping hot in small paper bags and you have to try to peel them without burning your fingers!! I’m not a great fan myself but the kids (probably being more “Spanish” than me) love them….and yes we did buy some. But, I’m holding onto summer and would rather have an ice-cream!!!