A slight blip in the weather……..

A couple of weeks ago, we planned our second camping trip. We decided to go the first weekend in September, hoping it may have cooled down slightly, and taking advantage of the fact that most campsites revert to “low season” prices from 1st September and it’s almost half the price of camping in July or August.

Looking at the weather forecast beforehand, to see how hot it was going to be, we were shocked to see that heavy rain was forecast for Friday and Saturday!! “This website’s got it wrong” I thought, but no, every forecast we checked was the same. As we got nearer the date, the percentage chance of rain did fall, so by Thursday there was a 55% chance of rain.

Friday morning dawned OK and I thought great – they did get it wrong – but by 10am, the clouds were gathering and by 12 noon it was raining heavily! Check out the view from the office …..


We had to change our plans for Friday lunch as we couldn’t eat outside so had to find a churringuito with windows!

And…when I got home at about 4.15 (I’d arranged to leave early), I found the car packed – see pic below – it’s a wonder it moved….


Hubby and kids were all dressed in jeans, trainers and waterproofs but with British stiff upper lip (we’re used to rain after all!) we were determined to go ahead with the trip. Must admit, I was not keen on the idea of pitching a tent  in the rain, especially as the boss had been teasing me about it since lunchtime, but, by the time we arrived at the campsite, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

We had a great weekend and for €72 for 5 of us, great value too.