Puerto de La Duquesa and the surrounding area

Puerto de la Duquesa, also known as Marina de la Duquesa is a picturesque marina filled with charm and diversity.  It does not boast the ostentation of Banus but is a little more down to earth and family friendly.  The marina has numerous restaurants with a variety of cuisines to choose from ranging from typical, safe Italian options to more exotic Thai, Indian and Mexican restaurants.  Marina de la Duquesa is often a great meeting point for expatriates as it also offers a number of British comforts – there is a British supermarket that stocks all the traditional British foods – personally, I love to go there for the chocolates (one of the things I miss most!).  Also there is an English butcher’s with fabulous quality meats to put on the bbq – ranging from traditional sausages and beef burgers to exciting marinated meats such as minted lamb.

‘But I chose Spain’ – I hear you saying, ‘is it all British?’ Well you know what, one of the things I love most about this area is the diversity.  This area known as Manilva has a wealth of culture.  Literally walk metres away from the port and you find yourself in El Castillo – you may feel as though you have moved from a very anglicized Marina to the most typical Spanish seaside villages in literally 5 minutes.  The contrast is stark and impossible to comprehend until you see it for yourselves.  El Castillo has some of the best fish restaurants on this coast, you will see the little white village homes and people sat outside therir doors chatting – just like something out of a painting.  A true fisherman’s village and indeed a beautiful walk from the Marina de la Duquesa.

On the otherside of Duquesa, lies the town of Sabinillas.  This too was a fishing village but has expanded overtime and has built up to house a medical centre, town hall facilities, restaurants, bars, shops and banks and numerous large supermarket chains. it has become the hub of activity in Manilva with its squares and church etc. Sabinillas has a fabulous ‘paseo maritimo’ parallel to a blue flag beach. Sabinillas also has a great deal of restaurants with one of my personal favourites being El estribo . To sit at these restaurants and have a meal is like being in paradise where you can watch the waves roll into the shore, as you sip your wine and indulge.

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