Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Tuesday 24th March – just another day in the “office”

Ok so it’s now day 9…and counting

Shani & I had scheduled a 10.00 meeting to discuss our impending newsletter. This is another one of those projects that we’d started pre lockdown but had never had the time to finish – no excuse now!!

The new Hamilton Homes newsletter should be sent out this week.

I then did some scanning – this is another job that was always falling into the “I’ll do it tomorrow” category  but “tomorrow” never seemed to arrive. I had an ever increasing pile of paperwork on my desk that needed to be scanned (in our aim to be a paperless office!) So, when we moved my part of the office to my living room, I bought with me all the paperwork to be scanned. This is sitting in a shopping bag under the table and my aim is to do some every day and move it all from the “to do” bag into the “done” bag. Still a bit to do but I’m getting there.

Quick break for lunch – trying to be healthy with homemade soup but then hubby suggests a cheese toastie to go with the soup – oh go on then :))

More work on the newsletter, touched base with a few clients, and kicked the cat off my chair another 10 times :))

Time for dinner. I like to think I’m super organised and I always work out my daily dinner menu a week in advance – used to drive the kids mad when I asked them what they wanted for dinner for the following week. So tonight’s dinner was chicken pasta bake. It was a firm favourite when the kids were at home – very filling and super easy to make – and enough left to put in the freezer for a ready made dinner another day.

No wardrobe update today – hubby was tired so convinced him to leave it for today – we have plenty of time!