Come View with Me – Andrew Bacarese-Hamilton

Come View With Me

Andrew Bacarese-Hamilton (Director of Hamilton Homes Spain) tells us a little bit about his ‘Come View with Me’ videos

What are ‘Come View with Me’ videos?

Come View with Me is a concept that my wife and I came up with.  It is a series of videos that we are producing to give buyers a feel for individual properties and key urbanisations on the Costa del Sol, Spain.  We have focused on properties for sale in the area between Sotogrande and Estepona. We have filmed a variety of different types of properties ranging from two-bedroom apartments to luxury villas.

Why are they different from other walk-through videos?

For me, Come View with Me is a chance to share the essence of a property.  I hope to get the feel of a place across to clients.  It makes it easier for me if I visualise living in the property. I love to explore different areas of the house. Also, I like to imagine what it would be like to live in the property – what are the views like? What is the style of the property like? What is my favourite part of the property? You may have caught me pouring a glass of wine, or stepping into a bath.  Each property is individual and unique in its own right and I really love the challenge of finding something different about every property I visit.

A Come View with Me Highlight – Andrew Hamilton climbs into the bath in this one!

In addition to just showing a property, we also try to add a few area and drone shots of the property to give people the chance to really appreciate the surroundings.

Buying a property is always a big decision – we hope that our Come View with Me videos will help to guide people.  It gives them the chance to see the kinds of properties available, the areas, the urbanisations and to feel a little bit of the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Why Sabinillas?

I have lived in Spain for over 20 years and used to come to Sabinillas as a young boy. I really love this area, this lifestyle.  The world is like a rat race sometimes. Just because we live here doesn’t mean that we don’t have busy days – I do love the buzz of being busy… However, living here and looking out at the sea or going up to the mountains really helps one to re-energise and focus.  I hope that an element of that lifestyle comes across in the videos.  I really love what I do and love where I live and I want to share the experience.

So, how do you feel standing in front of the camera?

Well, to be honest, at first I was a little nervous. Watching back the videos, I have noticed that I have a tendency to repeat the same words!  However, in truth, I want the videos to be as real and natural as possible, like a real viewing!

What are your plans going forward?

This year we are very excited to say that we are filming some new episodes.  We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do! Here is our latest one of a truly amazing villa in Sotogrande Alto:

‘The shower is big enough for two!’ Exclaims Andrew Hamilton

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