Billy’s ……now Tim’s fish & chips

It’s official…… Billy’s fish n chips has now officially been re-named Tim’s fish & Chips.  Away with the old name and possibly not so good reputation and in with a new name and so far, a brilliant reputation. Good reviews continue and I hear business is very good. I wish him well, it’s not easy taking over an old business but if you sell good food at reasonable prices with good service (as Tim does) then he will continue to do well.

One bit of advice, if you fancy a takeaway, go together as parking is a nightmare in the port this year ( I will ease next month). That way, one of you can nip out of the car and get the fish & chips while the other drives around the block and collects you on the way back! As everything is cooked to order, it may involve 2 trips around the block but it will be worth it – by far the best fish & chips I’ve had in a long time – even in the UK