“Anyone for Golf?”


Well today is my usual roll up at La Cañada Golf Club. Every Thursday morning at around 9.30 I meet up with my buddies, a group made up of Brits, Dutch, German, Irish, Scots and even some local Spanish amigos. We each put €4 in the pot and the winners buy the drinks.The weather is beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and the fairways look like a carpet. What more can you ask?



La Cañada is just fifteen minutes from where we live and in my opinion is one of the best members’ clubs on the Costa del Sol. It runs parallel to Valderama and La Reserva Golf Clubs with the quality to match.The only difference is cost. Needless to say La Cañada is very affordable and will not break the bank.



The club has a very smart clubhouse with a great bar and restaurant and members get a 20% discount on all drinks and food.


There are regular weekly and monthly competitions for men and women and a great academy for the youngsters.


Jack and Jill, Casares Costa


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